Principal's page

Blessings to all members of the Holy Trinity community.

For whatever reason, our lives from time to time seem to be becoming busier and overwhelmingly chaotic. As we come to the end of another (busy) school term I encourage members of the Holy Trinity community to take the time to slow down these holidays and spend a moment reflecting on what is important. I find that it is not until we are forced to press pause on our lives and consciously take the time to recognise what we are grateful for that we can truly see what is around us. As the Principal I am often reminded of the great blessings I see at Holy Trinity. I constantly pause to give thanks for the students, the staff, the families, the wider school community and the occasional kind word often spoken (or written) toward each other. For me, thankfulness is not just an occasional occurrence that we do sometimes but it is something that we should nurture daily. The Scripture tells us to always be joyful, never stop praying and to give thanks no matter what happens. Put simply, we should give thanks in all things, not just the beautiful and wonderful things, but in everything. Through the good, the bad and even the ugly we should give thanks to the Lord that through Jesus we may find rest for our souls. I pray these holidays that you pause and take the time to see how He has led us through the past and continues to guide us in our future. For that I give special thanks.

A reminder to all families that Term 3 will conclude on Friday 22nd September. A whole school worship service will commence on that day at 1.40pm with the school day finishing at 2.20pm. Parents are asked to contact their child’s classroom teacher if they have any queries regarding the afternoon.

Have a great week.

Mr Daniel Weller