Holy Trinity Lutheran School

Holy Trinity Lutheran School is a co-educational, independent Christian school located in Horsham in the Wimmera area of western Victoria.

The school was established in 1978 by the Holy Trinity congregation to provide quality Christian education to children of the Horsham and surrounding communities. It is one of a network of over 80 schools run by the Lutheran Church throughout Australia.

Management of the school is in the hands of an appointed School Council to whom the Principal is responsible for the operation of the school.


Holy Trinity Lutheran School Holy Trinity Lutheran School Holy Trinity Lutheran School - Kids in classroom
latest news
  • Fri 18 August, Pupil Free Day
  • Sat 19 & Sun 20 August, Pedal Prix Bendigo
  • Mon 21 August, Wakakirri Geelong
  • Thur 24 August, Yr 10 Vaccinations
  • Fri 25 August, Casual Dress Secondary School
  • Wed 30 & Thur 31, Yr 7/8 Excursion
  • Fri 1 September, Yr 5 Badminton & Father's Day/Footy Day
  • Fri 8 September, Grandparent's Day
  • Mon 11 September, PTFA Meeting 7:30pm
  • Tues 12 September, Little Desert Athletics
  • Thur 21 September, School Concert (F-Year 3)
  • Fri 22 September, Last day of Term 3
  • Mon 9 October, First day of Term 4
  • Fri 3 November, Public Holiday - Horsham Cup
  • Mon 27 November, Pupil Free Day - Report Writing Day
  • Thur 14 December, Last day of Term 4 Middle & Senior School 7pm Closing Service
  • Fri 15 December, Last day of Term 4 Primary School 7pm Closing Service
  • Wed 20 December, Office closes

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